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There is a new underlayment joining Epilay’s family of products! This is a new underlayment called Plasfelt, and it’s a versatile product that performs better than traditional felt underlayments If you’re curious about it, here are some of the top questions about Plasfelt answered.

1. What is Plasfelt?

Plasfelt is a brand new Epilay product that is designed to work just like the rest of our underlayments. When you’re choosing underlayments for your next project, this gives you yet another option. Best of all, it’s budget-friendly, so on jobs where cost might be a concern, this underlayment could be an ideal fit.

2. Is Plasfelt Water Resistant?

Yes, it is! Like our other underlaymentsPlasfelt repels water. Additionally, it’s a non-absorbent barrier, which helps keep roof decks dry and protected from moisture infiltration.

3. Is Plasfelt a Synthetic Underlayment?

Like Epilay’s other underlaymentsPlasfelt is a synthetic underlayment product. It features a four-ply design that is topped with our specialized Gripwalk surface, which provides an anti-slip layer as well as a cooler surface to work on. The bottom layer features Skid-Resist, which is a layer that prevents the underlayment from sliding on the roof deck. In the middle, there are bonding and cross-woven layers to give this underlayment added strength.

4. Does Miami-Dade Approve Plasfelt?

This underlayment is not approved under Miami-Dade code, so to fit those standards, you’ll need to choose one of our other underlayment products, like Plystik Plus.

5. What Fasteners Can Be Used?

The only type of fasteners that are not recommended for Plasfelt are staples. All other roofing fasteners are perfectly acceptable: corrosive resistant 3/8” head roofing nails, cap nails and ring shank roofing nails.

6. What Thickness is Plasfelt?

This underlayment features a 6.5 mil thickness, and it is 25 times stronger than traditional 15# felt. It’s also five times lighter, too. One roll of Plasfelt only weighs 21 pounds, which makes it easier to haul onto roofs and unroll.

7. What Kinds of Roofs Can Plasfelt be Used On?

In general, you can use Plasfelt just as you would our Protectite products! This underlayment works on roofs with slopes not less than 2:12, and it’s also suitable for asphalt shingle and metal roofs, too.

8. What Size are the Rolls?

Rolls of Plasfelt are 10 squares. They measure 48 inches wide and 250 feet long.

9. Can Plasfelt Be Exposed for Extended Periods?

Yes, it can! Plasfelt is rated to withstand one year of UV exposure. For details on extended exposure installation, refer to Plasfelt’s installation instructions for details on how to install with exposure in mind.

If you have further questions about Plasfelt or any of the rest of our underlayments, feel free to check out our website. You can also contact us and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you!