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Here at Epilay, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new underlayment to our lineup. This one is part of the PlyStik Plus line: PlyStik SA-250 is coming to join our original PlyStik Plus Peel-and-Stick underlayment. Have questions about this new product? Read below for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions!

1. What is PlyStik SA-250?

PlyStik SA-250 is the newest addition to our line of underlayments! It is a heavy-duty underlayment specifically manufactured to replace the traditional asphalt-based Sanded and Granular Peel & Stick HT underlayments. It is ideal for use under Metal Roofing, Tile, Shake & Asphalt Shingles.

2. Is PlyStik SA-250 a Peel-and-Stick Underlayment?

Yes! Whether you prefer the term peel-and-stick or self-adhered, PlyStik SA-250 fits your needs.

3. Do You Need Fasteners with PlyStik SA-250?

Being a self-adhered product, fasteners are not required to install PlyStik SA-250. It does however do a great job of sealing around fasteners, making it a perfect underlayment for high-end materials such as metal, slate, cement, and clay tiles, etc.!

4. Is PlyStik SA-250 Waterproof?

Yes, PlyStik SA-250 is water repellent. The UV protection even allows it to be left exposed for up to six months. It also features Ice Dam Protection to help prevent water infiltration should ice dams create pooling.

5. Is PlyStik SA-250 a Synthetic Underlayment?

Its top walking surface is! Epilay PlyStiK SA-250 has a textured/ribbed PE Silver/Grey top layer which provides for a cooler working surface. The “one of a kind” high traction walking surface permits easier steep slope walkability, even during high condensation or moisture on the surface. The adhesive layer is made from an advanced SBS modified bitumen-based adhesive with a fiberglass reinforcement which performs extremely well in high as well as low temperatures and gives excellent adhesion to the primary roofing surface whether it is plywood or metal.

6. Does Florida’s Building Code Approve PlyStik SA-250?

The latest revision of Florida’s building code approves the use of both PlyStik Plus and PlyStik SA-250 underlayments when installed according to provisions outlined within the code.

7. How Thick is PlyStik SA-250?

PlyStik SA-250 is nominally 60 mils—thick and tough, but still easier to install than equivalent asphalt underlayment. Each PlyStik SA-250 roll is 36 inches wide, 66.7 feet long, and weighs 61 pounds.

8. What Kind of Roofs Can You Use PlyStik SA-250 On?

PlyStik SA-250 is suited for sloped roof applications. It is ideal for use under Metal Roofing, Tile, Shake & Asphalt Shingles.

9. Can You Leave PlyStik SA-250 Exposed to Weather?

Yes, PlyStik SA-250 can be left exposed to the weather. It remains water repellent, non-absorbent, and UV resistant for up to 6 months.

10. What are the Advantages of PlyStik SA-250?

In addition to the advantages already listed, PlyStik SA-250 comes with several other perks that roofers and homeowners will appreciate. It doesn’t wrinkle, crack or become stiff in cold temperatures, which means installation and rollability remain throughout the year. It’s 100% recyclable, impervious to mold growth, and it won’t dry out or leach oil in high heat environments whereas traditional asphalt-based peel-and-stick products will. It also has a split release liner with silicone coating which helps in easier installation. The adhesive adheres to the top walking surface so well there is no need for an additional salvage edge/adhesive feature. This benefit makes installation multi-directional, saving some serious time on larger installs.

Ready to try PlyStik SA-250 or another of our underlayment products? Browse the Epilay site to learn more about what we have to offer and find a distributor in your area!