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We’re always innovating here at Epilay—and that’s why our products are a fundamental part of roofing systems everywhere. As part of those innovations, we’re excited to announce a brand new addition to our line of underlayments: EpiStik Ice & Water. This is a unique new peel-and-stick underlayment that promises to become popular among roofers who want to create a better, more watertight roofing system. Let’s dive in and answer some of the top questions about this new underlayment.

1. What is EpiStik Ice & Water?

EpiStik Ice & Water is the latest in our line of underlayments. It’s a brand-new peel-and-stick product that is designed to replace traditional peel-and-stick underlayments while offering incredible durability, easy installation, and other great benefits.

2. Is EpiStik I&W a Peel-and-Stick Underlayment?

Yes—the adhesive layer is made with modified bitumen, which provides excellent adhesion to the primary roofing surface.

3. Does EpiStik I&W Require Fasteners?

Because this is a peel-and-stick product, it does not require fasteners—and in fact, that’s one of its biggest advantages, since fewer punctures lead to a more watertight roofing system. In addition, EpiStik I&W is certified ASTM D 1970 for nail sealability, which means that if you do need to use fasteners, this product will seal around those fasteners.

4. Is EpiStik I&W Waterproof?

Waterproofing depends on how the roofing system is designed. EpiStik I&W is a water-repellent that seals around nails and fasteners to prevent water infiltration. Additionally, it features a unique 3” overlap edge, which provides excellent adhesion along overlaps—and thus, when installed properly, is capable of creating a watertight barrier.

As the name suggests, EpiStik Ice & Water is designed with moisture in mind. It offers Ice Dam Protection, which makes it an excellent choice to use along eaves and valleys where rooftops see the most moisture, and where ice tends to build up in cold weather.

5. Is EpiStik I&W a Synthetic Product?

No, EpiStik I&W is not classified as a synthetic product. EpiStik I&W is a granulated fiberglass-reinforced SBS-modified bitumen membrane that is designed to be a replacement for traditional peel-and-stick underlayments. This means that the product has been reinforced with elements such as fiberglass to ensure a tough, tear-resistant product that performs optimally in all weather conditions.

6. How Thick is EpiStik I&W?

EpiStik I&W is a 55-mil product, which makes it our thickest underlayment yet—even thicker than EpiStik Plus, which is a 48-mil peel-and-stick underlayment.

7. What are the Use Cases for EpiStik I&W?

There are several:

  • Use EpiStik I&W along the edges of a rooftop to protect the roof’s edges against ice dams, which is a phenomenon where ice builds up along the roof’s edge and traps water behind it.
  • Use EpiStik I&W in valleys to create a watertight base where rainwater is likely to collect.
  • Use EpiStik I&W on sloped roofs under asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, shakes, and metal roofing.

8. Can EpiStik I&W Be Exposed to Weather?

Yes! When delays happen, or when working in a storm-damaged area with a lot of roofs that need to be repaired, you can safely leave EpiStik I&W exposed. It will remain water-repellent, non-absorbent, and UV-resistant for 90 days.

9. Does EpiStik I&W Meet Florida’s Building Code Requirements?

The short answer is yes—EpiStik I&W does meet Florida’s requirements.

As new building technologies emerge, Florida updates their building codes regularly—and the latest update came out in January 2023. According to that update, underlayments that comply with ASTM D1970 requirements are approved for use under asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and slate and slate-type shingles, even in high-velocity hurricane zones. EpiStik I&W meets these standards, which makes it a good choice for roofers in Florida.

10. What are the Major Benefits of EpiStik I&W?

You’ve seen many of this underlayment’s benefits already—like the watertightness and the durability. However, there are several others that make EpiStik I&W a winner:

  • EpiStik I&W offers incredible temperature performance, from -40 degrees C to 121 degrees C.
  • Not only does that temperature performance keep roofs protected, even in extreme weather, but it also means that this product features excellent rollability—no cracking, tearing, or damage, no matter the temperature outside.
  • Despite hot summer temperatures and high heat conditions, EpiStik I&W will not leach oil or dry out.
  • At just 55 pounds per roll, this underlayment weighs less than half what traditional roofing felt weighs—and offers many more times the durability. Its light weight makes it easier and safer to work with.

Ready to try EpiStik Ice & Water or another of our underlayment products? Visit the Epilay site to discover more about our offerings and find a distributor near you!