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Here at Epilay, we’re always listening to the wants and needs of roofers and homeowners everywhere—and that leads us to develop new products to fit those needs. It’s because of this that we’re excited to announce a new synthetic peel-and-stick roofing underlayment. It’s EpiStik SA-250—and it comes with some great features that will make you want to include it in your next roofing project.

To learn more, read below, and we’ll answer some of the top questions about EpiStik SA-250.

1. What is EpiStik SA-250?

EpiStik SA-250 is an advanced peel-and-stick roofing underlayment that is 100% recyclable and designed to be extra durable, making it an ideal choice for use beneath metal, shake, concrete tiles, and more. It features a unique 3-layer design that gives it extremely high strength and tear resistance so that you can use it to replace traditional asphalt-based peel-and-stick underlayments.

2. Is EpiStik SA-250 a Peel-and-Stick Underlayment?

Yes! The adhesive layer is made with SBS-modified bitumen, which creates excellent adhesion to both plywood and metal roof decks. Additionally, this adhesive works very well in both low and high temperatures, making it a versatile choice that you can use throughout the year.

3. Does EpiStik SA-250 Require Fasteners?

No—as a peel-and-stick product, EpiStik SA-250 does not require fasteners.

4. Is EpiStik SA-250 Waterproof?

EpiStik SA-250 is water-repellant and non-absorbent. Additionally, it’s a self-sealing product that will seal around the fasteners that you use to fix the primary roofing material in place, which allows you to create a watertight roofing system.

5. Is EpiStik SA-250 a Synthetic Product?

Yes—and that synthetic construction not only makes it more durable than asphalt underlayments but also impervious to mold growth.

6. How Thick is EpiStik SA-250?

EpiStik SA-250 features a 50-mil thickness—and despite that, each roll only weighs 50 pounds, making it easier for roofers to carry rolls up and down ladders compared to equivalent asphalt felt underlayments.

7. What Are the Use Cases for EpiStik SA-250?

As an ultra-durable underlayment, EpiStik SA-250 is ideal for use under heavy roofing materials like metal, clay and concrete tiles, or slate—but you can also use it beneath asphalt shingles or other types of roofing to raise the durability of the entire roofing system.

Where EpiStik SA-250 really shines is as a moisture barrier. Since it is water-repellent, non-absorbent, and comes with Ice Dam Protection, this underlayment is a great choice to seal roof decks against moisture. It’s also a good choice for use along eaves, valleys, and other areas where moisture is prone to flowing or collecting since it provides excellent protection against moisture infiltration.

8. Can EpiStik SA-250 Be Exposed to Weather?

Yes—EpiStik SA-250 is UV-resistant for up to one year. This means that in storm-damaged areas or in cases where shipping delays are preventing the installation of the primary roofing material, you can safely leave this underlayment exposed.

9. Does EpiStik SA-250 Meet Building Code Requirements?

Yes, EpiStik SA-250 will meet building code requirements in most areas—but be sure to check codes in your area for specifics.

In Florida, which has some of the toughest building codes in the United States, underlayments that comply with ASTM D1970 can be used beneath asphalt shingles, metal, slate, and slate-type materials everywhere, including in high-velocity hurricane stones. EpiStik SA-250 meets ASTM D1970 standards, which means it can be used here, too.

10. What Are the Major Benefits of EpiStik SA-250?

There are many! Some of the biggest include:

  • Incredible strength and tear resistance
  • The GripWalk high-traction surface which helps prevent slips and falls
  • Lightweight rolls and easy rollability without cracking or wrinkling, no matter the temperature
  • Impervious to moisture absorption, which makes it ideal as a moisture barrier
  • A limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment


Interested in trying EpiStik SA-250 or another of our underlayment products? Visit the Epilay site to learn more and find a distributor near you!